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Washer Repair

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Washer Repairs From Axus Appliance Repair

Washer Maintenance

Washing machines are household staples that save time by allowing you to start a load of laundry and tend to other tasks, rather than spending that same time at a laundromat. The convenience of being able to do laundry at home is one that is often overlooked until you notice that your washer may need repair. If you find yourself experiencing problems with your washing machine, Axus Appliance Repair is here to fix any issues.

Washer Repair

Repair or Replace?

Over the lifetime of your washer, there are several reasons that your machine might need to be repaired. We recommended looking into repairing your machine before considering a replacement because, often, it is only one part of the washer that is malfunctioning and a simple repair will you save you the cost of a full replacement. Timely repairs will also save you time and money when it comes to damage that can occur from a broken machine.

Washer Repairs

The first tell that your washer may need to be repaired is that you notice it is no longer working normally or there is an obvious issue. Common problems that require repairs include leaks, strange noises, the washer is not filling, and movement. It’s important to repair these problems to avoid damage to your home.

Leaks – If you notice water on the floor near your washing machine, you may have a leak. Leaks can be caused by overflow from the tub, a loose/damaged supply hose, a bad seal on the door of a front-loading machine, or a cracked or damaged tub. Leaks can cause damage to your floors and walls, so it’s important to repair them immediately.

Strange Noises – Loud noises that are different from how your machine routinely operates are often indicative of an off-balanced load, or that your machine is not standing on level ground. If you have ruled out both of these possibilities, you may have a more serious problem that will require repairs from the professionals at Axus Appliance Repair .

Washer Not Filling Correctly – If you’re experiencing issues with how your washer is filling, the problem may be the result of issues with the cycles progressing. If you find your clothes are not as clean as you’d like or there are detergent stains, you may have issues with how your washer is filling.

Movement – A moving washer is often accompanied by leaks or strange noises. This can be caused by the washer being on uneven ground or more serious problems such as a loose motor and drum.

Other washer problems that may require repairs include:

  • Device not starting
  • Timer not advancing
  • Burning smell coming from the unit
  • The unit is filling and draining at the same time
  • Won’t fill with either cold or hot water
  • The door or lid is not opening

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