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Dryer Repair

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Dryer Repair From Axus Appliance Repair

Dryer Repair

Dryers are modern conveniences that save time and allow us to wear clean clothes almost instantly. Waiting an hour for freshly dried clothes is a world of difference compared to the time it would take for your clothes to dry on a clothesline. The ease and convenience that dryers provide become very apparent when your dryer is no longer drying your clothes the way you’re used to. If you’re experiencing issues with how your dryer is operating, Axus Appliance Repair may be able to help! Our expert technicians will be able to diagnose the problem and offer high-quality and affordable solutions.

Dryer Repair Service

Dryer Repairs

The average lifespan of a dryer is 10-15 years. If your dryer is relatively new and experiencing issues, you may be due for some repairs. Common signs that your dryer may be in need of repairs include:

Longer than normal drying times – If you notice that your clothes are not completely dry or even still damp after running a normal cycle, contact Axus Appliance Repair so one of our technicians can try to diagnose the issue and get you back to normal operations.

Burning smell – If you detect a burning smell coming from your dryer during use, turn the machine off immediately and contact Axus Appliance Repair. Burning smells can be a sign of a broken or jammed hose. Although minor, this issue can also put you at risk for a fire.

Drum not spinning – If you notice that your dryer drum is not spinning, a broken belt is usually the root of your problem. This is a relatively easy fix. The knowledgeable technicians at Axus Appliance Repair will be able to replace your belt and have you back to dry clothes in no time!

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When you call Axus Appliance Repair for a specific issue with your dryer, you can rest assured that our technicians will examine the entire appliance for any other issues. We also understand that going to the laundromat is inconvenient and costs begin to add up. That is why Axus Appliance Repair is committed to completing projects on schedule, in addition to offering top-quality repairs. Axus Appliance Repair is committed to personalized service, competitive rates, and customer satisfaction. It is our hope that we will be your go-to contact for all your appliance repairs. Call us today!