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Stove and Oven Repairs From Axus Appliance Repair

Oven Repair

Today’s busy pace of life means that often, the only time a family has to spend together during the work week is mealtime. A properly functioning stove and oven are essential to preparing meals and ensuring that this quality time is possible. A broken or malfunctioning stove or oven can be frustrating and get in the way of spending time together. Axus Appliance Repair is here to repair your stove or oven as quickly as possible so that you can get back to cooking and baking for your loved ones.

Stove Repair

Stove Repairs

The stove is an important household appliance. It is the focal point of the kitchen because it allows you to prepare meals in the comfort of your home. A broken stove is inconvenient and the sooner you can get it repaired the better!

One of the most obvious and common indicators of a broken stove is a burner that will not turn on. If you have a gas range, this often occurs because there is something wrong with the igniter. This is an easy fix and can be swapped out for a new one. If you have an electric range, the repairs are more involved and may require the entire heating element to be replaced. Other common signs of a stove that needs repairs include fractured stove tops, and when the stove doesn’t turn on at all.

Gas and electric stoves each have their pros and cons and also their own unique sets of problems. No matter what the issue is, the technicians at Axus Appliance Repair are trained to provide quality repairs to both types of stoves.

Oven Repairs

When it comes to ovens, there are several signs that you might need a repair.

  • Strange noises
  • Food coming out burnt
  • The oven not cooking food
  • Electrical issues with the oven
  • Problems with the burners
  • Preheating time takes longer
  • Strange odors when the oven is in use
  • The door won’t shut properly

If you notice any of these issues when it comes to your oven, it’s important to turn the oven off and call one of the technicians at Axus Appliance Repair to examine the issue. Issues with the door and burners are easily fixed and require replacement parts. However, other issues can be very serious and potentially cause a fire. If you notice your oven is making strange sounds, emitting strange odors, or if food is coming out burnt, it is especially important to have your oven repaired as soon as possible since these problems can lead to larger issues down the road.

Contact Axus Appliance Repair for Stove and Oven Repair

If are experiencing any issues with the operation of your stove and oven, contact Axus Appliance Repair today! With our commitment to providing the highest quality in repairs and finishing projects on schedule, you will be back to cooking and baking in the comfort of your home in no time! Axus Appliance Repair is focused on personalized service, competitive rates, and customer satisfaction. After your stove and oven have been repaired by our experienced and friendly technicians, you will be given a 90-day guarantee on your repairs.